House Rules

1. NATO planes equip NATO ordnance. Russian planes equip Russian ordnance. If no equivalent exists for your faction use the same stats and just give it the appropriate fluff.

2. You are allowed a max of two weapon racks on any plane. (Is this reasonable?)

3. Drop tanks: $1, 1 hardpoint, +2 fuel.

4. I would consider pilots not requiring to remove salary from the MAS’ budget. After all, that is effectively taking away money that would hinder your ability to complete or survive a mission, and what kind of mercenary pilot would habitually do that?

5. Character creation: start with 9 XP. You are reasonably competent pilots.

6. Some of the unique skills are broke as fuck. Let’s talk it out before selecting any, please.

7. Added a few major planes and/or variants left out by MAS. Some have had their stats updated, either by some of the P&M crew or in MAS Errata. See them here. I think they are fairly balanced and accurate; please consider them, share your views, propose other airframes that you feel have a place here or existing ones that could use a tweak.

8. I am a bit of a stickler for realistic names. They do really set the tone for gameplay. You can find authentic name ideas here: – please use it if you’re not confident. You can also find callsign ideas here: – try to find a happy medium between badass and goofy.

9. Character portraits: “______ pilot” will find all kinds of decent pics on Google Images that you can crop and presto, that’s your dude. I also have a folder of images I can share.

10. Selecting equipment is probably best left to a collective decision so that you can share armament, complement each other’s abilities, etc. We’ll do this at a later stage in campaign setup.

11. The A-10 Thunderbolt II = moved to Withheld, price $50.

House Rules

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