"Classy" Williams


Upon meeting Will “Willco” Williams one could in a very short time establish that he is a Welsh man that jokingly prides himself of ‘being a man of class’ and dressing far above the needed levels of ‘classyness’ at any social event possible. Further investigation would revel this love of class is only matched by his love of vintage wine and flying and that the tall and thin man from somewhat old money. Deeper observation would revel Williams is quick to crack a joke and quicker still to crack open bottle of fine wine.

His love of flying dawned at a early age when he accompanied his rather well off step father on a high end private business flight to New York that lost all methods of radio communication and had guided in my US NG F-16As. Staring out the window at the “Totally Rad and Classy jet fighters” lead to Williams swearing to focus his efforts on becoming a fighter pilot. Luckily for Williams he had all the needed resources, talent and skill to do so.

Unluckily for Williams his talent for flying was more than matched love for the bottle that would haunt his carrier as a RAF 1st line fighter pilot, leading to a ever increasing number of infringements that cumulated in massively hungover Williams conducting a RAF Tornado F3 in a landing that could only be compared to a world record setting feat of rock skipping across a rather still pond.

This final straw earned “Classy” a dishonorable discharge from the RAF, however his talent with fast air allowed him to pick up easy work in the growing PMC market. While working from PMC to PMC as a freelancer William’s stepfather’s company decided to branch out into the PMC Air market and established a number of squadrons around the globe. With a little bit of arm bending Williams found himself in charge of the “Tophatters” (‘Keeping it classy’), a post until recently that paid him rather well to do very little.

A lack of work and a somewhat unobserved budget lead to Will being fired from the Tophatters for spending their monthly maintenance budget on a bottle of 1775 Sherry de la Frontera so he could impress his latest fling.

"Classy" Williams

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