"Butcher" Armitage


Lt.(ret.) Neil Morgan “Butcher” Armitage

Neil, now 29 years old, used to serve in the Irish Air Corps, until his ties with the True IRA (through his brother, Michael) resulted in a barely honorable discharge. Without a job and just a handful of money he decided to seek people who could use his particular skills. First he started to smuggle stuff for his brother’s IRA contacts but eventually the heat forced him to abandon Eire for other pastures, namely eastern Europe.

After a few undisclosed missions for another PMC that operated in the region. (Rumored to be Red Scorpion Solutions) he was let go from their employment, rumors of civilian casualties during a bombing mission following in his footsteps and hinted at in his current callsign.

Butcher prefers AtG but he can also double a bit at AtA. One thing he currently shines in is the use of cannons.

"Butcher" Armitage

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