"Skog" Norder


Anders “Skog” Norder was born in a small town outside of Bergen, Norway in the last quarter of the 20th century. His parents moved to ├śrland Main Air Station when Anders was entering grade school after his father got a job on base as an electrical contractor.

This setting immersed Anders in the military life, and that of the airman, at an early age and flight captivated him for most of his childhood and adult life. With this in mind his joining of the Royal Norwegian Air Force at the age of 18 came as no surprise to his family.

After training Anders was assigned to the 137 Air Wing, 336 squadron where he flew F-5B(G) in a missile evaluation role. After a year with 336 squadron Anders was transferred to 132 Air Wing 331 Squadron to fly an F-16A MLU in a primarily close air support role. After a two year deployment to Afghanistan with 331 Squadron in support of NATO operations Anders left the RNAF after poor intelligence and communication errors caused him to strafe a friendly transport convoy. Soon afterward he was recruited by “Black Sun LTD,” a paramilitary corporation operating out of Argentina.

With Black Sun Anders performed limited reconnaissance and ground attack operations in Iraq and the Democratic Republic of the Congo while flying a former USAF F-111F, up until Black Sun’s dissolution (see CIA document 13-A#759104), and is currently a free agent.

Anders has a fairly cynical outlook and personality, but tempers it with a good, if rather bleak, sense of humor. He has no current familial relations, his mother Ilse died of lung cancer in 2003, his father is estranged whereabouts unknown. But maintains a good relationship with his former RIO Lt. Thomas Rogers (RAAF retired, current employer unknown). Before leaving the RNAF Anders was in a relationship with a local girl, but their status is unknown since his joining Black Sun.

With the RNAF Anders’ record was good, with some small demerits for showboating as most young fighter pilots are wont to do as well as a single incidence of starting a forest fire (from whence Anders gets his call sign).

Though his records with Black Sun are officially destroyed, unofficial channels refer to him as slightly unstable when confronted with civilian casualties, but otherwise dependable and professional, as would be expected with first world military training.

"Skog" Norder

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