Broad Arrow Military Solutions

Broad Arrow has been a highly successful private military contractor in the past eight years. Its CEO has been on the cover of Time Magazine; its image has allowed it to operate openly in several highly-profitable enterprises; its clients include several first-world nations and Fortune Global 500 companies. Broad Arrow offers clients around the world a range of services from security and counterinsurgency patrols to full-fledged tactical strikes. Broad Arrow personnel have seen action on three continents, from the streets of Mogadishu to the jungles of the Orinoco River basin. It has a sterling reputation for competence and reliability.

From its inception Broad Arrow has fielded a number of aircraft, from Bell 412 transport helicopters to a small number of Embraer Super Tucanos and BAE Hawks for close air support, COIN operations and reconnaissance. With the increasing demand for more intense interventions from PMCs, the company is expanding to field a full-fledged air arm capable of deep interdiction and air superiority work.

The air fleet is headquartered at Preguica Airport on Sao Nicolau, in the Cape Verde islands, with administration and housing in the nearby town of Ribeira Brava.

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